English Premier League excitement and more
You can enjoy the excitement of the English Premier League ( english language ) with your meals and drinks in the cafe section.
In addition to the English premier league, you can watch live formula 1, bundesliga, ligue 1 and WTA tennis tournaments.
Get ready for action with the Xbox One Game Console
Get ready for action and fun times with games such as Fifa, Pes, Nba, Need For Speed, Forza Horizon and Halo with the Xbox One game console waiting for you in the Cafe section.
* There may be changes in the game list.
Beach Club
Enjoy the sea with special discounts, treats, DJ parties, delicious food and drinks at the best beach club facility of the region, which we have a contract with, by being picked up from our hotel every day.
Turkish Bath and Massage
The humidity rate in the Turkish bath is around 80% to 90%, and the temperature is between 40 C° and 50 C° on average. The temperature level and humidity in the Turkish bath help to soften the muscles and create a feeling of comfort in the body, while helping to relieve stress, the biggest problem of our time.
With our contracted Turkish Bath and free transfer from our hotel, you can experience this pleasure with special discounts only for you. Turkish Bath is 5 minutes from our hotel.