On one hand, the natural person and/or legal entity that will be referred to as Customer hereinafter and, on the other hand, YAPIM İNŞAAT GIDA TURİZM OTEL VE LOKANTA İŞLETMECİLİĞİ TİC LTD ŞTİ. - DNA HOTEL DALYAN. Dalyan mahallesi. Gülpınar caddesi. No:61 Ortaca / Muğla / TURKİYE that will be referred to as Hotel hereinafter, all of which will be collectively referred to as Parties hereinafter, have executed this agreement with the following terms and conditions by taking into consideration that this agreement is an official offer; it includes all terms for provision of paid accommodation service; all of the following terms are binding for the parties and they are provided through the website, and they will not be amended by the customer:

  • 1.1. The Hotel is liable to provide Hotel accommodation service (hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’) upon the Customer’s request under this agreement.

    1.2. The Customer shall confirm by executing this agreement that they have been informed about the rules of accommodation at the hotel, reservation rules and tariffs.

    1.3. The Hotel shall confirm the Customer’s request as of the execution of this agreement.


    2.1. Reservation can be made either by

    +90 252 284 44 48 / +90 545 302 42 29 telephone numbers,

    Via Whatsapp and Telegram applications, e-mail adress, webpage.

    2.2. If the Customer wants to terminate or change their request, they may either call the Hotel’s at +90 252 284 44 48 / +90 545 302 42 29 or send an e-mail to in order submit a request of change by stating the date of change.

    2.3. If a guest wishes to terminate his request and %100 recover balance amount, he has to cancel his reservation no later than 30 days ahead of accommodation date, (Article 4.1)

    2.4. In case of the customer requests to make changes on reservation, must contact the hotel at latest 30 days prior to the date of service of the hotel. (Article 2.5)

    2.5. Dna Hotel Dalyan is entitled to apply a different price policy with respect to the market distinction it has predetermined. Effective at the accommodations in 2023, a reservation change (number of people, room type) will be made at the quota prices that are in accordance with the conditions of the day on which it is requested.

    2.6. The Customer hereby represents, agrees and undertakes that if they make/want to make a change in the reservation due to any reason during the special discount period, such reservation change request shall be accepted based on current prices applicable to the confirmation date of the request.

    2.7. The hotel accepts guests aged 14 and over. During the booking registration, the age of the child notified by the Customer will be taken into account. If the age of the child is determined to be under 14 years of age on the ID during the Booking registration, the reservation will be canceled and the full amount of the accommodation will be charged.


    3.1. During the payments to be made by the Customer via credit card through online reservation system, the Customer shall enter their own credit card details.

    3.2. The customer can make the reservation payment by credit card or by wire transfer to the bank accounts of the hotel.

    3.3. The Hotel agrees and represents that credit card details and the system, to which such details are provided, are protected by a special security system, which prevents details to be displayed or copied through any method. The Hotel shall not also compensate and be held liable for any losses arising out of disclosure of information, documents and secrets to third parties due to malware and any other similar software available in the Customer’s computer and the Customer’s negligence.

    3.4. The Customer shall receive the invoice at the hotel.


    4.1. If reservation is cancelled within,

    1. a) In case of cancellation 30 days or more, the total amount charged will be 100% refunded.
    2. b) In case of 30 days or less, the total amount charged will not be refunded.

    4.2. Repayment in case of payments made via credit card during reservation will be made by re-deposit to the credit card with which payment was made.

    4.3. The Hotel will not apply No Show to a guest in case of force majeure such as Acts of God, terror, insurrection and deaths that can be certified (1st and 2nd degree relatives), accident and disease (bill of health from a general hospital) in case of reservation cancellation.

    4.4. In case of payments with a credit card, the amount left after deduction of transaction fee and commission will be returned.

    4.5. In case of a force majeure, refund procedures shall not be applied if a cancellation request is received as a result of the force majeure. The reservation shall be automatically transferred to the same period in the next year. The parties accept and declare this matter


    5.1. The Customer’s age and identity shall be checked during the check-in. Any expenses arising out of misrepresentation of the Customer shall be compensated by the Customer.

    5.2. The Customer shall agree that regardless of its arrival time to the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to enter the room until 2 pm on the check-in date and, regardless of its departure time from the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to check-out after 12 am and it shall pay the price of any additional services to be provided after the check-out time.

    5.3. The entire amount of accommodation fee shall be paid during the reservation.

    5.4. Pets shall not be accepted by the hotel.

    5.5. After the check-in if the Customer renounces to receive services due to any reason other than the Hotel’s failure to fulfill its accommodation liabilities, amounts that have already been paid shall not be refunded.

    5.6. The hotel accepts guests aged 14 and over.

    5.7. The hotel serves in the concept of bed and breakfast.

    5.8. No smoking in the rooms.


    6.1. In case low quality service is provided to the Customer, the Customer shall notify the hotel representative in writing during the accommodation. Otherwise, the service provided by the Hotel shall be deemed as perfect and timely provided.

    6.2.The Customer hereby agrees and undertakes that in case it violates any provision of this agreement, it shall pay all damages suffered by the Hotel due to such violation.

    6.3. The hotel reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the hotel without any refund, in case the guest behaves in a manner that may disrupt the hotel's order and brings food and drink from outside.

    6.4. Visitors from outside of our guests staying at the facility will be able to enter the facility with the approval of the guest, and if they want to use the swimming pool, a daily swimming pool fee will be charged.


    7.1. In case of events such as adverse weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorist activities, military movements, flood, fire, etc., occurring, the Hotel may not continue to provide services. In such cases, visitors that have made a reservation and payment shall be refunded.

    7.2. The Central Courts of Mugla are authorized to settle any dispute that may arise out of this agreement.

    7.3. All guests who make a reservation will be deemed to have read and understood this agreement.

    7.4. The articles and conditions of this contract entered into force on 02.10.2021.


    At Dna Hotel Dalyan, we intend to provide superior products and services to our guests. We give great value to our guests and their loyalty and privacy.

    “Privacy Statement of Dna Hotel Dalyan” is prepared to provide information about how we use the personal data that we have gathered from you or about you either through this website or written and verbal communication between you and us.

    The personal data that we have asked from you while registering you to our website at can be used to inform you about the changes on our website and the events that you might be interested in as well as to develop our website according to your preferences.

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    Sharing these data with us and participating in the e-mail submission list by being a member via shall require your request and approval.

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    All rights of the website at the domain name of (hereinafter will be referred to in short as “Website”) belong to Yapım İnşaat Gıda Turizm Otel ve Lokanta İşletmeciliği Tic. Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter will be referred to in short as “Dna Hotel Dalyan”). Dna Hotel Dalyan shall not disclose the personal data submitted by users electronically through the Website to any third party for any purpose and scope other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy, required by the employment procedure of human resources department or the agreements executed with its members and customers. Personal data collected through Human Resources works shall be used and stored within Dna Hotel Dalyan It is presumed that the personal data submitted by Customer/Applicant to Dna Hotel Dalyan through the website are accurate. Dna Hotel Dalyan cannot be held liable for damages arising out of inaccurate personal data.

    The data collected within the computers of Dna Hotel Dalyan are used by Dna Hotel Dalyan only for human resources purposes as well as for periodical campaigns, configuration of special promotional activities based on customer profiles, and customer “categorization” efforts to prevent submission of spam e-mails. If the Customer/Applicant does not want to be notified of such promotions and notification e-mails, he/she can stop this activity by sending an e-mail to If necessary, personal data can also be used to contact with the user.

    Dna Hotel Dalyan may put links to other websites in its Website. Dna Hotel Dalyan does not hold any responsibility regarding privacy practices and contents of websites, which are accessed through these links. Unless otherwise mentioned herein and except the below limited situations, Dna Hotel Dalyan shall not disclose the user data to any third party and company, with whom it does not collaborate. Such limited situations are:

    1. Compliance with the requirements of Laws, Statutory Decrees, Regulations, etc. that have been enacted by competent legal authorities and are currently effective;
    2. Fulfillment and performance of the requirements of agreements executed by and between Dna Hotel Dalyan and its customers;
    3. Requests of authorized administrative or judicial authorities for information about users in order to execute an investigation or proceeding;
    4. These are the cases in which it is required to provide information to protect the rights and security of users.

    Dna Hotel Dalyan undertakes to keep personal information as private and confidential, to assume this as a liability to keep secret, and to take all necessary measures and to pay necessary care in order to keep and maintain confidentiality and prevent that all or any part of confidential information is made public or used in an unauthorized manner or disclosed to any third party. In case confidential information are damaged or received by third parties as a result of attacks made to the Website and the system despite of taking all necessary information security measures, Dna Hotel Dalyan shall not be held liable.

    Dna Hotel Dalyan may amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time by publishing such amendments on the Website. Such amended provisions of Privacy Policy shall become effective as of the date of their publication on the Website. This confidentiality agreement is an integral part of Terms of Use, published on the Website. 02.10.2021